Reasons to Stop Using Google

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Why should I NOT use Google?

Aside from the Google privacy concerns expressed on there is what is believed (in our opinion) to be another excellent reason to NOT to use Google: the fact that Google appears to have changed its search algorithms in early 2004, and now excludes most mom and pop (small) businesses.

It appears that only Google's "paying" customers or those running its Google AdWords advertising are obtaining a high listing in the Google search engine.

With this being the case, then our opinion is that Google is not really a "search engine" at all. It is becoming an "advertiser index" of sorts.

Are there alternatives to Google?

There are numerous search engines online, such as at and (which provide excellent search engines as an alternative to Google).

Currently, Microsoft ( and Yahoo! ( both appear to give one "real" search results, and are therefore better suited for general use as search engines. There are numerous other search engines as well, but they have not been tested by us for their level of search authenticity.

What can be done to rectify this?

It appears at this point that Google simply doesn't care. The best thing that can be done in a free marketplace is to simply NOT use Google, and choose other search engines instead. We recommend using Microsoft ( or Yahoo! ( or practically any other search engine at this point that provides one with "real" search results.




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